LEVA Membership

 How to apply for membership:

  1. If you want to become a member of the Latvian Electrical Material Wholesalers Association (LEVA), the first step is to send the following information to the e-mail address [email protected]: for legal persons and partnerships - company name, registration number, legal address, name, surname, position e-mail address, contact phone number; for physical persons - name, surname, personal identity number, address, e-mail address, contact phone number.
  2. Any legal person, a natural person, and a person with legal capacity or a lawful partnership, which complies with Clause 1.2 of the Articles of the Association, acknowledges the Articles of Association of the Association, is interested in the activities of the Association and undertakes to comply with these Articles and decisions of the governing bodies of the Association may enter into the Association.
  3. A person who wishes to become a member of the Association shall submit a written application to the Board in a free-form, accompanied by 2 (two) written recommendations from the two founding members (members) of the association.
  4. The decision on admittance of a member in the Association is made by the Board of the Association; The application of the association to the Board of Directors must be considered at the regular board meeting when all the necessary documents have been received. The applicant argues onsite Members why he wants to join the Association, as he/she sees himself in the Association, and so on. The presentation and question-answer session take place at a maximum of 5 (five) minutes each. In the end, there is the voting by the Members of the Board If the Board decides on support for a candidate, he/she is admitted to the Association

 Membership fees: (no VAT applicable)

  • One-time joining fee: 800 EUR
  • Monthly fee: 150 EUR ( paid for the coming quarter in advance)
  • On joining the association one must pay both the joining fee and the monthly fee for the current year.